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...It's Jess


Nice to meet you!😉

Hi!! I'm Jess, the mastermind behind the Whole Pursuit. I am a Florida girl who's obsessed with wellness and in pursuit of living my best fucking life.

I love the ocean, avocado toast, traveling, and yoga. Most days you'll find me hanging out with my little fam doing projects around the house, having a dance party (90's hip hop is always on the agenda), or working on my self development and personal growth. 

Important things to know about me: 

- I believe in magic 

- I talk with my hands & laugh really loud

- If you have a dog or kid, I will probably talk to them first 

- I curse like a is my 2nd fav F word if you get my drift

- Tacos are the best I will not accept an argument on this one

- I'm a whiskey and wine girl (on the rare occasion that I drink nowadays)

Hanging out with me has been known to make you feel better about yourself!! 

I am committed to living this life to the fullest and breaking away from the bullshit society tells us we are 'supposed' to be and I officially invite you to do the same! 

Thanks for swinging by my little corner of the internet, and cheers to pursing your BEST life! 

The Whole Pursuit was born out of my personal struggles with my health journey and has evolved into a renewed sense for living life on my own terms. Beyond my role as a coach and mentor, I'm also a working mom unpacking and healing my own childhood traumas, undoing societal norms imposed on women, and continuously becoming the most fit and healthy version of myself everyday. Perfectionism is poison but women are held to this impossible standard everyday. Do it all and look good doing it but don't talk about how much work it takes to make this happen!!! It takes courage to go against this narrative and shut out the noise. It's also up to us to advocate for our most truthful wellbeing, especially within a system that was never designed for our best interests. Wellness is so much more than just what you eat and how you move your body. It's what we allow to exist in our heart and mind and how we interact with the world. This work isn't easy but simple changes can have an insane impact. 


I do this work myself daily. 

It takes less time than you think to make lasting change happen.

I'm here to guide you, give you tools, hold you accountable, and be your biggest fucking cheerleader! 

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