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It's all about perspective

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Perspective is such a funny thing. You’re in your own brain and then you see something just slightly differently and it can change EVERYTHING!!

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed lately by all the things I’m trying to do and be. An entrepreneur, currently still an employee, also a business leader, a mom, a wife, a dog mom, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a woman who goes after what she wants. This is who I am….and some days its exhausting!!

I often find that the people around me present me with some version of the same shit that I’m facing myself and sometimes it hits me right away and sometimes it takes a minute. Well, this time it took a minute but damn it hit hard when it did!! I was talking with a coworker about the struggle of becoming a mom and trying to decide before actually having a baby what your post baby career life will look like. She’s nervous and scared that it will hurt her career. She’s worried that she doesn’t know what she wants, and she is struggling to merge these two versions of herself into one. Who is the future new mom version of herself, and who is the career driven version of herself and how can the two POSSIBLY coexist?

We constantly do this to ourselves, right? Or maybe it’s just those of us with chronic anxiety?? 😬 We live out every possible future scenario in our mind to be prepared for ALL the outcomes. Or at least that’s what we think we’re doing. In reality what we are doing is indulging in anxious thinking when we KNOW that we can’t predict the future, when we KNOW that we have zero control over multiple aspects to the situation, which sends our nervous system totally spiraling. The truth is all we can do is make the next best choice based on where we currently are. I realize that sounds super fucking easy, and it’s not. So now we’ve established that it’s not easy and we can accept that most of the time doing the thing that serves our future self in the best way, is hard as fuck right now.

So as I’m sitting on this train today (if you’ve never taken the train anywhere in the US it’s pretty fun and you totally should!) watching the trees that are right next to the tracks whip by super fast and then we come to a clearing and all of a sudden the scenery slows down, I gained some perspective and it hit me that the problem she presented me with was really similar to what I am currently thinking through and letting consume my thoughts. So, in case you need this reminder too…

You can’t predict the future.

You can’t control everything.

All you can do is make the next best choice toward whatever your goals are.

Maybe all you need is a little shift in perspective!

Yours curiously,


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